24 date ideas for the cold winter months

24 date ideas for the cold winter months

The winter is upon us and the rosé season is over. But who’s to say that it has to be boring, just because we’re locked-up inside? Whilst the weather is cold, grey and wet outside; you and your partner can easily create warmth, comfort and intimacy inside.


Here we’ll share 24 date ideas with you, that will most certainly cause the heat, cosiness and temperature to rise inside, however much the temperature outside drops day by day.

1. Food with love

Cold winter evenings are perfect for spending time in the kitchen creating a delicious hot meal – i.e. a stew or a nice warm pumpkin soup. A few pieces of bread, wine in the glasses et voilà — dinner is served.

2. Play ’Truth or Dare’

Whether you have been together for 6 months or 6 years, you can always use the cold weather as an excuse to get to know each other that little bit better. ’Truth or Dare’ (or ’Never have I ever…’) is a really fun way to get your partner to open up that little bit more – it’s not only great fun, but at the same time it can quickly heat up the entire living room.

3. Beer or wine tasting for two

On the way back from work, buy a few different beers or wines. Find some new and exciting brands that none of you have ever tasted before.

4. Set-up a games night

Bring out with the good old Scrabble, Draw & Guess, Monopoly or a deck of cards. Put on some music and open a bottle of wine. It’s a budget friendly and low-key way to spend a cold winter’s night inside with you partner. Not crazy about old board games or Go Fish? Then try a puzzle instead! Total coziness.

5. Find a woodstove

Whether you have a woodstove in your home, at the cottage or whether you have to go to the local pub to find a woodstove; then on a cold winter evening it really does not get any more cozy than listening to the crackling sounds from a lovely warm wood stove – well except from an Irish coffee in one hand and your partner in the other.

6. Decorate for Christmas together

Turn up the volume of Mariah Carey's ’All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and bring out the Christmas decorations. During the month of December, it is not only a necessity – but actually a must – to take time out for a cozy date night with decorations, mulled wine and honey hearts. Remember to hang your Christmas stocking where he sees it!


Decorate for Christmas together

7. Weekend get-away

Rather than booking a flight to the warmer weather, you can embrace winter and the snow-covered landscape; go to a holiday home in Denmark (or Sweden if you want a quick trip out of the country)! Rent a cottage or a cabin for the weekend and enjoy the nice road trip together, with a groovy playlist for the car journey. Leave the electronics at home (and turn off the mobile phones) to get this real get-away feeling. Yes okay, it does require you to leave the house. Make sure that you have stocked up on a supply of snacks, wine and other necessities, so that you don’t have to leave the cottage once you’ve arrived at your destination.

8. Plan a trip

If it’s not possible for the two of you to get away for a weekend? Then try instead to plan a trip or a weekend break, that you hopefully can take together in the near future. Check-out your favourite travel pages or explore some of the hundreds of travel blogs available on the net. Look at what you’d like to do, see and experience together – and start planning. The joy of expectancy can at times be nearly just as fun!

9. Cuddle up under the duvet and have a movie night

Cuddle up together on the sofa in comfy nightwear and pull in the duvet real tight and warm. Put on that movie that you, for so long, have talked about watching together, but never seem to get around to. To get the complete movie-night atmosphere, try out a gourmet popcorn recipe (you can find some delicious recipes HERE)


Cuddle up under the duvet and have a movie night

10. Make cocktails

Don’t feel like taking a cold trip into the cocktail bars in town? Let the cocktail bars come to you! White Russians and Margaritas? Yes please! Make your own favourite drinks at home in the kitchen and have a little cocktail party on your own! Then you don’t have to worry about alcohol levels and taxi waiting times.

11. Get it on!

Uhmmm, is there a better way to get warmed up than a little ’love session’?

12. Experiment with ice cream making

Did you get an ice cream maker as a wedding present? Or maybe you just happen to have one standing at home, just because … well, just because you LOVE ice cream. Find some delicious ingredients in the supermarket and when you have a few hours (this project will definitely take a few hours), experiment with some different and delicious flavours. It may be cold outside, but you and your partner will certainly be able to create a lot of fun and warmth together with this little indoor project… So, enjoy a lot of ice cream and dream yourselves away to sunny skies.

13. Breakfast in bed

Who every said that a date should be in the evening? Imagine that you wake up and all you want to do is to stay at home under the warm duvet together. Then this is the perfect time for the two of you to order some delicious bring-out breakfast (many take-away/bring-out apps offer a brunch option, yay!). Alternatively, you can also crawl out of bed, get dressed in robes and woolly socks, and create a yummy breakfast only to hurry back under the covers with all your supplies. Let the morning fade away in talk, snuggle and an extra little snooze.

14. Learn something new!

Should you risk snowing in (…you know - it could happen), then you need to roll out the heavier stuff, so that you don’t end up completely ’stir crazy’. Pull out all your secret weapons, such as Google and YouTube, and surf the net for DIY videos for things that you’ve never tried before. It could be a totally crazy workout routine or dance moves that look totally wacky. You’ll end up laughing so much at each other and together, that you’ll forget all about snowstorms and minus degrees.

15. Improvise a party for two

Put on a romantic slow-dance playlist and dance the night away. You can also go back in time and find a playlist with music from your ’good old teenage years’ – it can only bring out lots of fun memories and stories that you can share with each other. No matter what you’re into, music and dance is something that can get your very own little private party going. A little movin’ and groovin’ never hurt anyone!


Improvise a party for two

16. A home-spa date

Should you be so lucky, that you have your very own spa tub at home, then a spa date is an obvious choice! Make an indulgent bath with delicious oils and bath salt. Light some candles (candles always adds that bit extra coziness), put on a playlist with relaxing music and enjoy each other’s company. A bottle of wine, also goes a long way.

17. Paint each other’s portraits

Maybe you both have creative genes, maybe you’re not at all creative, or maybe only one of you are creative. Either way, something really funny will come out of you sitting opposite each other with a piece of paper and a pencil, studying each other’s features while trying to create a portrait of your partner in the best and most creative way. Exciting to see what gets highlighted… and whether it turns out to look like a Peppa Pig drawing.

18. Camp out in the living room

No, it’s not only child’s play – it can also be great fun for adults! So get going with the sleeping bags and build a cave of blankets and pillows. Turn off the light and bring out all of your candles and lots of marshmallows, so that you can make S’mores together over the fire (Disclaimer: some candles are poisonous to roast marshmallows over – please ensure that you have checked your candles before you press go). And the best of all…? There’ll be no bugs or creepy crawlies to worry about!

19. Bake some yummy cakes

During the period up till Christmas, what could be more obvious than to bake lots of yummy cakes? Even if you’re not the world’s best baker, you can still come a long way with teamwork and using a cake kit where everything is pre-measured and weighed. It’s incredibly nice to create something together (especially cake!) And this is also a way to test how well and closely you can actually work together … it’s the perfect recipe for a fun evening together.


Bake some yummy cakes

20. Play Strip Poker

Soooo, home alone, but the two of you! Pop open the wine, bring out the Poker box and get ready for a round or two at the dining table, …cross your fingers to get the best possible hand. All types of strip games are a fun way to start your foreplay – especially when you have the whole night ahead of you.

21. Discover a new series together

Winter, darkness and the coldness calls out for series – so turn on Netflix, HBO, HayU or whatever you have, and trawl through the trailers of the various series together. There’s nothing quite like a good, entertaining and exciting series – well yes, an amazing partner to watch it with is fab too! Choose a series that none of you have ever watched before, but that everybody raves about.

22. Your choice of an indulging massage

Scalp massage, foot massage, neck / shoulder massage, full body massage – bring it on! Light some candles, buy a nice oil / cream and get comfortable on the bed, Honestly, is there anything better than getting a massage and at the same time feeling the hands of the one you love slide over your body?!

23. Make Christmas decorations

December is the month of joy and time for shimmer, glitter, and the scent of pinetree! Make a beautiful Advent wreath or Christmas decoration together. It’s always nice and a little more cozy when you do these things together. You can also take it that it that step further and have a Christmas craft day creating Christmas paper cuttings, guirlandes etc.

24. Indulge in each other!

Being married or having been in a relationship for a long time often cause us to forget about ourselves and the person we were at the beginning of our relationship – we’ve become so grown up and everything now runs like clock-work. Use the cold and dark evenings to get back to ‘the time where we always used to have fun together’. Forget the laundry, the homecooked dinner and order a take-away and stay at home together in your comfy PJ’s all day. Sometimes a whole day at home, doing absolutely nothing, does wonders…

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