5 'KINKS' to bring sexy back to your relationship!

5 'KINKS' to bring sexy back to your relationship

As a woman in a sexual relationship, you must at times have wanted to try out something new, something different to your normal sex routines. But have you actually ever done anything about it? We can all, be a bit nervous, when it comes to trying out new things – and also a bit worried about giving up control - right? Just asking..- but there is something special about a new sexual experience with your partner that really gets the emotions, the relationship, the intimacy and the way in which you look at each other going. Often even the thought of trying out something new and different can make us freak out. This is a real shame, because don’t we all deserve a bit of excitement in our everyday lives, let those emotions run wild, get out of our comfort zone and away from our daily routines? And don’t we all deserve to be satisfied in completely new and exciting ways?

Of course we do!


If you are unsure of where to begin, then let’s help you with a few ideas. No need to venture down the ‘badass dominatrix’ path to spice up things in the bedroom or to try out new sassy ideas.


Scroll down and read more about the 5 ’Kinks’, that you can try out with your partner.


KINK #1 Easy Access Lingerie

KINK #1. Easy Access Lingerie

Honey, no need to use your imagination, - let me show you instead ...


A simple way to introduce a bit more ‘kink’ in the bedroom is by wearing a sexy crotchless lingerie style. If you don’t already own a pair of extremely sexy crotchless (easy access) styles then now is the time to get your hands on them. It could very well be a pair of sexy crotchless tights, a pair of crotchless knickers or the sassy bra model ’Open cup bra’ (also known as the open cup bra). It will make you feel like the hottest sex babe. These styles are in no way like the ’safe’ and classic black lace lingerie – oh no, this lingerie, kicks your femininity in place and gives you, as by magic, a straight back, a bust that is positioned a few centimeters higher than usual and a radiance that says va-va-voom! Do you have any idea of how wild you’ll drive your partner, when you won’t need to take of your super sexy lingerie before he gets onto the pitch? That’s oh so sexy!


And not to boast, but we actually have a lot of super sassy styles for exactly that type of kink.


KINK #2 Temperature Play

KINK #2. Temperature Play

 Baby, it looks like you need to cool down… let me help you.


’Temperature Play’ is basically a play with objects – it can be with both fluid and solid objects – that you use to stimulate the body. The most used things for this kind of play are ice cream, oil, and even food such as syrup or whipped cream. It’s fab for foreplay and it will for sure ignite you and your partner’s senses.


Everyone has ice cubes in their freezer, right? Try running an ice cube over each other’s bare bodies and feel the body contract, while feeling both cold and hot at the same time. Who would have thought that chills and ’goosebumps’ could feel this amazing?


If you are more into heat, you can drip hot wax, all over each other’s bodies or relax with a hot oil massage.


Disclaimer: PLEASE do your preparation when it comes to ‘hot wax bedroom play’. Sex injuries can really spoil the mood. Unless you are into that kind, of course.


KINK #3 RolePlay 

KINK #3. RolePlay

Wait, STOP – Hands Up!


Have you ever fantasized about playing ‘Dr. Love’ with your partner? Or maybe you need to have the alphabet and the 3 times table refreshed as a naughty schoolgirl? RolePlay is all about trying out various roles and live out a cheeky fantasy. RolePlay also gives you a fab opportunity to play with sexy costumes – and you never ever get too old to play..


Use your imagination! There are endless scenarios. Are you the Boss Babe and your partner the hot blue collar worker? Maybe he’s the sexy pool guy and you are the beautiful lonely housewife? Don’t hold back when it comes to experimenting with various personalities.


Click here to find the role that you fantasize about, amongst our naughty RolePlay costumes.


KINK #4 Soft Bondage (B) 

KINK #4. Soft Bondage (B)

Can you give me a hand? I'm a little tied up here…


Bondage in BDSM is where a person is tied or restricted for pleasure. When you come across the word “bondage”, you probably think of way out things like a ‘50 Shades of Grey’ scene (and cringe – yes we agree, the books are SO much better than the films). But you don’t need to be tied to the headboard with the legs up in the air to have a soft bondage adventure. Remember to move forward carefully. Start by getting your hands on some sassy accessories like blindfold and wrist cuffs – you can for sure find things that you can use from your drawers or cupboards at home. Maybe you have some satin ribbons left from a gift or a sleeping mask that you use on the place when going on holiday.


A surprising (or perhaps not so surprising) lot of us love being tied up, as it’s a way to let go of control. And being tied up does not mean that you necessarily have to have hard and violent sex. It can easily be gentle, intense and romantic.


Know your BDSM:

  • Bondage (B)
  • Bondage & Discipline (B&D)
  • Dominance & Submission (D&S, DS, D/S, D/s)
  • Sadism & Masochism (or Sadomasochism) (S&M, SM)


KINK #5 ’Innocent’ Exhibitionism 

KINK #5 ’Innocent’ Exhibitionism 

Shhh…. Anyone out there..?


If you enjoy getting the adrenaline pumping, you might consider playing with a little ’innocent’ exhibitionism. Exhibitionism is about showing yourself off in a public or semi-public place – this kink is all about the excitement of ’being caught’. It certainly does not mean that you have to rush down and have sex at the local grocery store, but you can experiment with the excitement of having sex in a slightly more discreet and fully legal public place. (Seriously, we don't want you to get arrested for ‘public indecency’).


Start out slow, and enjoy each other in the backyard or on the balcony, during the early hours where the chances of being caught ‘in the act’ are second to none. You can also live out the teenage cliché by parking the car somewhere well hidden and jump onto the back seats. The sexual excitements of possibly being ‘busted’ will sharpen your senses.


And we repeat, don’t get freaky and park the car in front of the supermarket at 11 am Saturday morning … Please!


Did you know that the opposite of exhibitionism is called voyeurism? A Voyer gets turned on by seeing other people naked - having sex.


So which ‘KINK’ will you try out?

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