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COAX Copenhagen is an online shop driven by girls for girls - men are of course always more than welcome ;-)


At COAX Copenhagen, it is our mission to offer as broad a range as possible, covering as many customer needs as possible. We travel the world, from Holland to Hollywood, to find unique, different and cool brands. We want you to be able to find brands in all sizes and at the same time we do our best to offer lingerie, swimwear and costumes at all price ranges – ensuring that everyone can join. So whether you're looking for exclusive lingerie from high-end brands or if you have a specific price level in mind, you can always find it at COAXCopenhagen.com


In 2009, we started narremissen.dk (today COAXcopenhagen.com) in a small flat in Copenhagen. It was supposed to be a fun and challenging "side" project, but in 2010 the online store grew out of the small flat and the creation of a bigger adventure had begun.


In 2016, narremissen.dk (today COAXcopenhagen.com) got an additional partner (a girl … of couse) and today the COAX Copenhagen girls work hard to ensure our customers get the best experience ever.


In 2018, narremissen.dk (today COAXcopenhagen.com) grew up and this resulted in the International name change to the more user-friendly name COAXcopenhagen.com We felt that COAXCopenhagen.com suited the new and ever evolving direction that our shop had taken, primarily driven by our loyal and supportive customers.


The new brands and products are more exclusive and offer a significantly wider range that targets an extensive audience - but still to our always amazing prices.


The most important thing to us is that you are happy and super satisfied!

We want happy and satisfied customers and therefore we do everything that we possibly can to provide you with exceptional customer service. It is our mission that all our customers are left with a positive experience!


In Customer Service, our sweet COAX Copenhagen girls are ready at the Chat and Customer Service Mail (depending on the time of the day) to help you with your purchase. The girls can f.ex. help you track your shipment, exchanges and/or returns or any other questions you may have for us. Honestly, the COAX Copenhagen girls can do it all :-)


The product delivery times are displayed under the individual styles on each product page - Delivery times may vary depending on the brands.


We pack and ship every weekday – the weekend we rest ;-)


Most orders, if placed before 3pm, are shipped the same day.


Should you have any questions or would you like to know more, then you are always welcome to write to us :-)


Love, hugs & kisses

The COAX girls

COAX Copenhagen

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  4. We have found the 4 hottest must-have shapewear styles, in 4 divine skin tones, ensuring that you’ll find a colour that compliments your beautiful skin nuance. Here you’ll discover top & bike shorts sets (made oh so popular by the Kardashian sisters), the tube dress that is a must-have wardrobe item, an incredibly comfortable body romper and a et top & knickers set. All of which are incredibly versatile and can be used as shapewear under your clothes or as part of your final out-fit!


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  6. Lingerie! Sounds familiar? It’s one of those words we all know and often hear. We think that we know what it means, but we are never quite sure. And actually it’s a grey area. For a very long time, ‘lingerie’ was exactly that kind of word to me. I used to think, "What is lingerie and how is it different to underwear?" "What are the different types of lingerie?" Bustier, camisole, negligee and so forth - honestly - do you know the difference? If your answer is YES, then you MUST have been in the ...

  7. Valentines Day is just around the corner – and yes! there’re just as many opinions about this celebrations, as we have beautiful models on our webpage. We are obviously ‘all in for’ Valentines Day and view it as the perfect opportunity (read: excuse) to shop the type of lingerie which is Ohh so amazing, but not in any way practical at all. If any - this is the perfect day to wear it! Whether you are into the romantic red lace lingerie, a sexy bodysuit or bondage inspired lingerie – we have the perfect sets that will trill ...

  8. 6 hacks for you to keep in mind, when buying and taking care of your lingerie



    For each bra, buy two pairs of knickers. The bra can often be worn for two or more days, while you change your knickers on a daily basis. That way you’ll always have a matching set of underwear. (Pssst… many bra sets come with both knickers and thong – so in theory you could go of one of each).



    Check your bra measurements on a regular basis – as often as every 6 months – this ...

  9. Who can really, seriously turn you on? Is it Taurus, Virgo or maybe Aries?


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  10. The elegant and delicate 'Original Pearl' collection is designed by the Spanish designer Luis Álvarez. Luis is behind the famous 'Classic Pearl Thong', which first became known to the world from the Sex & the City episode, where Samantha receives a beautiful black box from Richard that contains a pair of black lace panties with an erotic and delicate pearl strand.

    The Classic Pearl Thong became extremely popular due to the pearl strand on the panty, which is designed to give stimulating feeling to the woman wearing them.


    The Pearl Collection design is branded BRACLI. ...

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