Which zodiac sign do you have the best sexual chemistry with?

Who can really, seriously turn you on? Is it Taurus, Virgo or maybe Aries?


Do you want to know with whom you might have the best sexual chemistry with (which very likely might also be the best sexual experiences with). Which zodiac sign can make you see the world in a whole new way? And what combination of zodiac signs can make the sky crack for you? ;-)


Read on and find out which zodiac, the universe predicts, you (undoubtedly) enjoy the most amazing sexual experiences with...                                       


Aries & Libra

(Mar 21 – Apr 19) - (Sep 23 - Oct 22)


Aries and Libra


For the Aries it's all about action and they cannot get enough (in the good way). Aries loves to flirt, take control and have an attitude and determination, which you’ll find nowhere else.


The Libra, on the other hand, is a much more passionate, thoughtful and considerate lover. The Libra takes passion to 'another level' and when the Libra allows you to come close, you get passion and intensity like you've never had it before.  


It is possibly only the Libra who is able to tame the wild Aries and give the passion that the Aries constantly looks for. Conversely, the Aries's determination and positive attitude can convince the Libra’s indecisive sides and tendencies to be completely absorbed into a huge arousal.


They look like an unusual couple, and frankly they are a pretty unusual couple. But the curiosity and respect the Aries and the Libra have for each other's forces, draw them together like two magnets. They both complete what that the other is missing and thereby perfectly complement each other.

In the bedroom, they each fulfill the desires of the other.


Gemini & Sagittarius

(May 21 – Jun 20) - (Nov 22 – Dec 21)


Gemini and Sagittarius


Do you know those couples that you are hesitant to invite (to anything at all) in fear of the mood and the drama that they bring with them as soon as they enter the house ..? Well, say hello to the Gemini and the Sagittarius.  


The Gemini and Sagittarius are one of those wild couples who are constantly seeking excitement, luring each other with fierce escapades and hazardous mischief. You can always feel the excitement and chemistry between them - both the good and the not so good - and you never doubt their presence.  


What do their lives in the bedroom look like?

It is more varied than a box of chocolates!  


It spans wide - from gentle and romantic to challenging and limit-seeking. And, the more challenging or limit-seeking, the more they are all in. They are so ecstatic about finding one that is - as challenging as they are - that they often disappear completely into their own world.


Taurus & Scorpio

(Apr 20 - May 20) - (Oct 23 - Nov 21)


Taurus and Scorpio


The Taurus and the Scorpio are both two crazy physical zodiac signs, that love to make everything look, sound, smell, taste and feel perfect. Together they indulge in the perfect love intoxication.  


In the bedroom, the Scorpio's offers varying intimacy, complimenting the Taurus's desire to linger and give in to ecstasy.

'Experimental' is the keyword between the two. In fact, it is rare that the combination of the Taurus and the Scorpio ever leave the bedroom (and if they do, they usually take their love and intimacy with them)!  


As a couple, they create the kind of intimacy you only see in the movies - and it's not porn that we mean here (though sometimes it might move in that direction). It will get very erotic when you put these two zodiac signs together!  


Come between them, and you will seriously regret it (they harbour resentment for entertainment).


Cancer & Capricorn

(Jun 21 - Jul 22) - (Dec 22 – Jan 19)


Cancer and Capricorn


Opposites attract – and nothing could be more true. That is precisely the dynamics of the Cancer and the Capricorn’s powerful connection.


The Cancer is an imaginative, fun and emotional dreamer, whereas the Capricorn is a ‘hard ass’, which is extremely ambitious, serious, goal oriented and simply unable to fall for unserious dreamers ... so one would most likely think that the Cancer was ‘OFF the menu'. But that's actually quite the contrary.

The Cancer and Capricorn come from either end of the personality-polar system and find each other's sides incredibly exotic and fascinating.


Their love life is unrestrained and uncomplicated, because they are free to act on the fantasies that they would normally be more reluctant to share with someone who is more like themselves.


For the Cancer and the Capricorn rules are there to be broken and it feels great!


Leo & Aquarius

(Jul 23 - Aug 23) - (Jan 20 - Feb 18)


Leo and Aquarius


For the Leo, it's all about the Leo and they do not like being outdone or beaten in anything or by anyone else. Having said that, they only settle for the best of the best, which can lead to a difficult connection dynamic (it often leaves a trace of broken hearts and dreams ...). The answer to this is: The Aquarius!  


The Aquarius is "perfect" in terms of intelligence, which is what the Leo seriously respects and finds appealing. At the same time, the Aquarius is well distanced and cold enough not to notice half of the BS the Leo brings to the table. The Aquarius lives in his/her own world while the Leo is fighting to be 'The King' (or 'The Queen').  


In the bedroom, the Aquarius has some very advanced and naughty ideas & fantasies - and the Leo has the physical capabilities to make them come true.  


Intelligence + Strength = Extremely Powerful Package.


Virgo & Pisces

(Aug. 24 - Sep 23) - (Feb. 19 - Mar 20.)


Virgo and Pisces


A REALLY weird combination, seriously!  


The virgo is the pragmatic and realistic type that is rooted in reality and logic. The pisces are, to be quite honest, a little away with the fairies. They live up in the clouds and will probably end up in some kind of a cult-community, worshiping yogurt or something completely different. But together, virgo and pisces are completely unique. They understand and alleviate each other's extremes. They find each other through a common sense of humor - and love to make fun with each other.  


The sex life? That’s wild!

The pisces can have the virgo lower (the rather impressive) parades and let go of the inner hottie. A hottie that few would have guessed were in there.

The pisces are up for anything and find it liberating and affirmative to have found their partner’s secret side, that no-one knows or would have guessed was there.  


The two will never tell you what happens at home - but trust me, it's going down behind the four walls of the home!

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