The ultimate ‘Valentine’s Day’ lingerie guide

The ultimate Valentine's Day lingerie guide

Valentines Day is just around the corner – and yes! there’re just as many opinions about this celebrations, as we have beautiful models on our webpage. We are obviously ‘all in for’ Valentines Day and view it as the perfect opportunity (read: excuse) to shop the type of lingerie which is Ohh so amazing, but not in any way practical at all. If any - this is the perfect day to wear it! Whether you are into the romantic red lace lingerie, a sexy bodysuit or bondage inspired lingerie – we have the perfect sets that will trill you just as much as it will excite your partner. Scroll down and take a look at our personal favourites.




Sassy & sophisticated lingerie


Not very practical for everyday wear, but incredibly sexy and erotic for Valentines Day. If you decide to go all-in, then the CENCE or RISQUE bra sets are for you. Or if you’d prefer not to show too much skin, then you should look at the beautiful AMUSEMENT lace bodystocking with glitter effect, which accentuates your female curves perfectly. Then it can only turn out to be a great evening!




Sexy and seductive lingerie for Valentines Day


Are you looking for lingerie that you can wear on your date, as well as in everyday life, then you need to home in on the more classic basic styles, with a cheeky and seductive twist. That could f.ex. be a bodysuit like NONCHALANT and the black wet look bra APHRODISIAC, that as a set, is extremely sexy and can be worn individually afterwards.




Comfortable lingerie for Valentines Day


Not everyone enjoys lingerie (believe it or not). For some it may feel wrong or too tight, but that is not an excuse for you to jump into your old worn-out sleepwear. That you can wear all year round, but please not on this special night. Our 'Sweet Dreams' collection has the most delicate jersey sets, which are exceptionally soft and comfortable to wear – AND most importantly, they are super cute with divine laces and details. Our two favourites (and funnily enough, also our customer’s favourites) are the MARCEY - black jersey set and the MARCEY - pink jersey set. So no excuses!




Romantic lingerie for Valentines Day


The red lace lingerie, is what you need, if you want it to be romantic and erotic – without the cliché.

The Boudoir Collection offers the most stylish lace lingerie sets, here you’ll amongst other things find the 3 red lace sets REESE – bustier with suspenders, ALLIE – teddy with suspenders and CHERIE – teddy with cage-strap. If you are going all-in with the red romantic colour on Valentines Day, then look no further. They simply scream ‘I love you!’




Bondage lingerie for Valentines Day


Do you want to be tied in the name of love? Then we have also covered your back here ;-)

Throughout the shop you’ll find the most striking bondage lingerie – such as in the Boudoir Collection, as well as the super ravishing KINK Collection. The SHAQUILA set is a given with it’s suggestive wet look, lace wrist cuffs and blindfold. The Open KINK set is complete with mesh dress, wrist cuffs and bondage straps and is a clear winner on a night like this!




Cute and sweet lingerie for Valentines Day


If you are much more into the delicate sweet doll look, then the satin nighties are the ones for you. The baby pink ROSIE satin nightie was a Christmas best seller – so if you were not one of the lucky girls to find it under your Christmas tree, then it is for sure a great investment now.

Are you more into bra sets that you can wear under your dress for the romantic Valentines dinner, then the elegant baby pink ENGAGING bra set is the perfect choice for you – and you’re in luck as it comes in both thong, as well as knickers.




Cliche lingerie for Valentines Day


If you want cliché, then cliché it shall be. We are not getting around the beautiful, sexy and ultimate cliché Valentines Day lingerie – THE BOW lingerie. And honestly, is there any better present then you? No, didn’t think so ;-)

On the photo we have selected 3 V-day favourites BOW WOW – teddy with suspenders, BLACK BOW – black bow teddy and XoXo – bow lingerie set.


Happy Valentines Day

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