What’s the difference between lingerie and underwear?

Lingerie! Sounds familiar? It’s one of those words we all know and often hear. We think that we know what it means, but we are never quite sure. And actually it’s a grey area. For a very long time, ‘lingerie’ was exactly that kind of word to me. I used to think, "What is lingerie and how is it different to underwear?" "What are the different types of lingerie?" Bustier, camisole, negligee and so forth - honestly - do you know the difference? If your answer is YES, then you MUST have been in the industry for a considerable amount of time, but just read on and see if you can’t get just a little bit wiser. If your answer is NO - then you are only a few scrolls away from learning everything worth knowing.

Trust me, I got it all under control now ;-)


If anything, lingerie is probably one of the best ways to give your confidence a boost and all girls deserve that - single or not! You’d be surprised to see and feel what such a small piece of clothing can do for your confidence, and that’s taking into consideration that no one else sees it (besides your boyfriend maybe). The best thing about lingerie, is that it makes you feel comfortable, happy and confident. Let me take you through, everything you need to know about lingerie, so that you are prepared for your next shopping trip.


What is lingerie - and what is the difference between lingerie and underwear?

To start off; lingerie is a type of underwear, but the reverse isn’t always the case. Comfort is not the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of lingerie, but that's OK, as that is not the aim of lingerie (a bit like Christian Louboutin stilettos - they're also not produced to be super comfy to walk in, but to look amazing on the foot, give you a straight posture and the red soles give you this feeling that you can only really comprehend once you have owned a pair yourself). When it comes to lingerie it’s the same, it’s made to make you feel attractive, sexy and confident.


That women only wear lingerie for the sake of their partner is a total cliché! Women buy and wear lingerie all the time, maybe not quite as often as we’d like, as lingerie can be quite pricey. The high quality materials from which lingerie is produced, such as luxurious silk, chiffon and lace takes it to a higher price point compared to us shopping in H&M or the like. But, the beautiful and elegant designs are extremely exclusive, detailed and worth every penny spent. I believe that we all deserve elegant lingerie and that we should go guilt-free shopping more often.


The different types of lingerie

What is a garter belt?


What is a garter belt?



Maybe you have for a while been wanting to try out a garter belt? We’ve all seen photos, like e.g. this one – and I have to admit, that I often used to think that it looked too complicated for me with those suspender clips (the clips for the thigh highs). I have also been in situations where I tried to attach the small clips to the stockings and became more and more agitated when one was finally attached, then …grrrr… the other one came undone (and if I have to be 100% honest, several times I even gave up). BUT, then somebody gave me this amazing tip, and now I find it super easy to attach the clips, so now, even I can attach the clips onto the thigh highs, and put it all on, without breaking out in a sweat! All you need to do is: you simply take the suspender belt and your stockings – place it all on your bed, in the same way as if you were wearing it (one stocking under each clip) and then you attach the clips to the stockings. Now you’ll be able to put them on in the same way as if they were a pair of pants – though a bit more carefully, as you really don’t want one of your nail to push through the mesh – but that’s quite a different story.


Back on track – what is a suspender belt?

A suspender belt is a type of ‘belt’ that keeps the thigh highs up and ensures that they stay in place, without sliding down. Suspender belts have 4 straps with a clip at either end – aka suspenders – and are often a part of a lingerie bra set, corset or bustier.

You may wear the suspender belt under a skirt or dress, instead of a pantyhose, combined with a pair of beautiful stockings. The suspender belt is incredibly comfortable to wear and you can really feel the difference from wearing a pair of tights, that pushes into your stomach, to wearing a pair of thigh highs – and it is just that bit more sexy.

You really should try it, in particular if this is a whole new universe to you!


2. Bodysuit


 What is a bodysuit?


Are you a big fan of the old school bodystockings? Then bodysuits are just you. Bodysuits are that bit more sexy and made in the most amazing designs and delicate materials such as lace, satin, wet look, mesh with embroidery and so forth. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and look cool when used as a top with a pair of denim short or a skirt.


Personally I’m a great big fan of bodysuits and wear them as tops, as well under my satin shirts etc. During wintertime I use them as ‘undershirts’ – then I know, that I am also stylish dressed underneath, it just gives me that bit extra confidence.


3. Matching lingerie sets


Matching lingerie sets


Lingerie sets ALWAYS match – end of story!


I don’t know about you, but I have to admit, that way back, during busy weekdays I did not worry too much about wearing matching underwear. I did not have the time to find the knickers that matched up with which every bra I had just pulled out of the drawer, and often the matching knickers were most likely in the laundry basket anyway. That I do (now)!

I discovered that if I started the day, wearing a nice set of matching underwear or lingerie. I got off to a much better start, and that’s before I even got around to putting on the rest of my clothes. It lifted my mood and I felt that bit more ‘together’. AND, that is why, when I’m out shopping for new underwear and lingerie, I always buy a minimum of two pairs of knickers – often a string and brief panty..


Sometimes it is the small things that make all the difference. But just because you are wearing matching underwear, it doen’t mean that you’ll be on cloud nine all day long. But it’s a pretty good start – try it!


4. Corset


 What is a corset?


The corset is a classic, that all women have a weakness for, because it magically makes the waist smaller and removes unwanted bumps and bulges.

The stylish corset lace-up at the back makes it possible to obtain the ideal hourglass figure. Are you lucky enough to have a divine hourglass figure, then you can accentuate it even more. If you don’t-have-quite-that-much-hourglass-figure, then a corset can really work wonders.


You can wear the corset as a flattering elegant top with a hint of sexiness or your can use it under a tight dress and really see a difference in how amazing your figure looks.


There has been and always will be something about men & women and the hourglass figure – just take a look at the classic stars such as Jessica Rabbit, Kate Upton, Betty Boop and Marilyn Monroe. And men do also find the hourglass figure extremely feminine and sexy.

Maybe that is also why so many of our male customers buy corsets – as they are most likely not purchasing for themselves



5. Bustier


What is a bustier?


A bustier is not far off from a corset in terms of design. But, where a corset has it’s main focus on the hourglass figure; the bustier is focused on the bust, giving it an elegant lift. The bustier has a very firm hold on the bust and in reality does the same job as a bra.


There are quite a few different styles on the market. Some come as a long piece that goes all the way down over the waist and hips, while others are short, maybe around 4 -5 cm under the cup. But no matter how long or short it is, it’s still a bustier.


Another difference between a corset and a bustier, is the back closure. A corset, as we just learned, has lace-up at the back and can be adjusted quite a bit. Whereas the bustier typically has bra hook closure all the way down along the back.


You have most likely been to a shop, looking at a bustier thinking: ‘How on earth will I be able to close this myself?’ But it’s actually not that difficult, you just put it on the other way around – i.e. with the hooks at the front – then it is so much easier to close – then you move it around, into the right position - et voilà!


6. Camisole


What is a camisole?


Honestly, does anyone really know what a camisole is? No, didn’t think so. It is one of these words that we constantly see on-line – typically on lingerie webshops, but sometimes also in normal shops with clothes and accessories – but most of us have no clue what they are referring to…


Here comes the explanation; a camisole is a pretty word for an undershirt – aha!!


BUT! A camisole is most often produced in exceptionally comfortable materials and beautiful designs. Typically they’re made in satin, usually with lots of lace and fine delicate straps.


The word camisole is generally used as a light top or under a shirt to glam it up, displaying the lace trim underneath.


I myself have quite a few camisoles in my cupboard – and they really are a totally must-have item!


7. Negligee


What is a negligee?


The word negligee is quite old-school. It is French and dates back to the 18th century, when the negligee was introduced as a long transparent nightie made from the most delicate light materials and only worn in the bedroom. During the 1920s the negligee had it’s first face-lift and you could now have them it in materials such as satin and lace. The negligee became shorter, to around the knee.


With time the negligee became shorter and shorter; and now it comes in a great variety. A bit like a nightie, but in much more delicate and light materials.


If you are looking for some exceptional lingerie for the bedroom, then a negligee is always a clear knock-out winner! Light as a feather, soft as… (incredibly soft), flattering the body beautifully and amazing to wear.


Did we get any wiser?

VERY :-)

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