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RolePlay collection


Are you also crazy about sexy costumes – then roleplay is right up your ally!

The RolePlay collection offers you all you can dream of when it comes to sexy costumes – here you’ll find everything ranging from the sophisticated and sexy French maid costume, the badass cop costume to costumes where the only limit is your imagination. Flirt with your partner in totally new roles and have a fun, romantic and sexy date night!


What is roleplay - and is for it me?

Sexual roleplay is roleplay that involves two (or more, if you’re really frisky) people. In roleplay you each play a part, often wearing a sexy costume that fits in with the sexy fantasy that the two of you created together or that one of you want to explore further. Roleplay is a really fun and sexual foreplay..

Many people use the sexual roleplay as a way to overcome sexual inhibitions - somehow it always works best after a glass of wine or two ;-) Here you can hide behind a role or a character and be a bit more adventurous than normal.

How detailed you make your roleplay is really up to you – the setting can be anything from fun and simple to a very detailed and comprehensive roleplay with complete costumes and script.


We’ll give you the ideas for sexy roleplays – so who will you be tonight?

Nearly all roles and scenarios are possible when it comes to creating a sexy, fun and romantic night enjoying each others company, the only limits are the ones you make.

Below are a few ideas for roleplays – we’ll give you the headlines, the rest is up to you:

Doctor/Nurse – Patient: medical fetish is very common and popular – various objects are involved in this play, in which you make an intimate examination and check that everything is in order or not…

Escort – Customer: one of you is the escort who gets paid for visiting a new customer…

Executive – Secretary: one of you is the director of a large enterprise while the other one is the dutiful secretary …

Handyman – Housewife: a handyman has been called to the house to help the housewife with leaking pipes under the sink …

Photographer - Model: at a sexy lingerie photo shoot things heat up…

Stripper – Customer: somebody is lucky and has been invited to the Private Room for a naughty strip show…

Teacher – Student: this fantasy is the reason why school girl costumes are sooo popular. In this roleplay the student obviously wears a school uniform and has to follow the teacher’s instructions – or else…

Police – Disobedient citizen: : one of you has the role of the authoritarian police officer who just stopped a speeding driver who seems to have forgotten the driving license at home – so obviously the officer will have to escort the driver home to get a closer look at the … driving license…

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