5 chic Bachelorette party ideas

5 chic bachelorette party ideas

So… now it’s your turn to organize the next Bachelorette party? Phew, let’s start with taking a deep breath right down into your stomach… you’ve just taken on a HUGE task. A Bachelorette party has to be both fun, surprising, touching, a little inappropriate and completely unforgettable. On top of all that, the upcoming bride most certainly has lots of ideas herself, as well as a long list of do's and don’ts.

But don't worry, we've got your back covered and have put together 5 Bachelorette party ideas that can only end up being a huge success and an unforgettable event. We've put on the fancy chic glasses and won't give you the traditional tulle skirts, stripper and all-too-much-activity-in-trainers ideas - oh no, we're much more into dressing-up, pampering and stilettos.

'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

'Breakfast at Tiffany's' - Bachelorette party

Surprise the upcoming bride with a complete 'Breakfast at Tiffany' theme. You’ll all be dressed-up as Holly Golightly in cute black dresses, white pearls, big sunglasses, stilettos, long black satin gloves and hair-up-do’s – don’t forget to make-up and style the bride to perfection.

Arrange for an unforgettable brunch with all the delicious treats that the upcoming bride loves. Lay a beautiful table and decorate the iconic Tiffany turquoise colours - balloons, tablecloths, napkins etc. etc. AND, of course, a real Tiffany mimosa!

Tiffany mimosa

Ingredients - 8 people:

1 Lemon

2 Tbsp. Sugar

4.5 dl. Lemonade

Bottle of Champagne or Prosecco

0.5 dl. Blue Curacao



1. Pour sugar onto a small plate

2. Cut the lemon into slices

3. Run lemon juice around the edge of all the champagne glasses

4. Pour 0.5 dl. Blue Curacao equally into 8 glasses

5. Pour the Champagne/Prosecco generously into all glasses

6. Pour 4.5 dl. lemonade equally into the 8 glasses

Finishing up with tying small white ribbon bows at the stems of each glass, for a complete Tiffany look.

'Spa Day'

'Spa Day' - Bachelorette party

SPA STAY = indulgence for the whole day or weekend. There are so many amazing oases popping up everywhere - packed with spa, massage, facials, ice-baths, delicious dinners, you name it!

Pamper the bride-to-be with an all-day indulgence and an amazing dinner in the evening. This is one way for you to rekindle and get very close to each other, as well as, have time to discuss the ups-and-downs before the great big day. In addition, you’ll also get the upcoming bride away from the wedding stress and back down to earth again.

'Spa Day' - Bachelorette party

COAX recommendations:

VILLA ORSELINA - Switzerland



SIX SENSES - Portugal


ROSEWOOD LONDON - United Kingdom


'Marilyn Monroe'

'Marilyn Monroe' - Bachelorette party

Everybody loves Marilyn Monroe, we love her style, her red lips and her amazing smile - so of course, the bride's hen party must be characterized by shimmer, laughs, swinging dance skirts and lots of bubbles.

Famous for her love of Champagne, it's no surprise that Marilyn Monroe has a cocktail named after her. Marilyn was rarely seen without a glass of bubbles, which is why you must let the pink drink flow all day long.

Marilyn Monroe signature cocktail

Ingredients - per person:

1.5 cl. Calvados

1 cl. Grenadine




All you need to do is; simply pour all 3 ingredients into Champagne glasses and you’re ready to pamper the upcoming bride with the legacy left by Marilyn Monroe.

'Summer house, sun hat & seafood'

'Summer house, sun hat & seafood' - Bachelorette party

Many weddings are held in the summer, which means your hen party will most likely also be in the summer. What would be any more obvious than pulling out the big sun hats, packing the weekend bag and spending the hen party in a summer house. You’ll enjoy a wonderful weekend in beautiful surroundings, sipping rosé on the terrace, sunbathing, walks on along the beach and seafood from the local fish monger - yummy!

'Summer house, sun hat & seafood' - Bachelorette party

All around the country there are beautiful summer house areas - with fantastic atmospheres, beautiful long sandy beaches, or friendly fishing ports - full of delicious seafood shops. The opportunities are vast and many; and Google is your friend!

'Getaway Girls'

'Getaway Girls' - Bachelorette party

Pack your bags and spend a weekend down south - that obviously requires that everyone can afford it. Maybe one of you are lucky enough to know someone who has an apartment or a weekend place that you can borrow or rent cheaply. Once that is in place, just imagine what a weekend of sun and summer heat can do for everyone – and gone is the wedding stress for the upcoming bride. Just enjoying the sun, pool, margaritas and swimsuits.

'Getaway Girls' - Bachelorette party

Should you wish for a little more party action, you’ll find, amongst other places Nikki Beach in Ibiza, Mallorca, Malaga, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Dubai, Santorini and Port Heli – but there are also lots of local party beaches that are well worth a visit.