Sexy lingerie and erotic underwear for you who want to spoil yourself or your partner

COAX Copenhagen and the girls behind the lingerie shop have since 2009 been the Go-To shop for buying erotic lingerie and sexy underwear. We travel the world and choose sexy lingerie and underwear from unique and exclusive brands.

Our lingerie collections offer everything in sexy lingerie, such as the classic sexy lingerie bodysuit, head-to-toe sexy bodystocking lingerie, bra sets to the extremely popular crotchless panties, and lingerie - including crotchless panties with pearls.

Our sexy lingerie is divided into collections and categories to suit your shopping style and mood. If you are into exclusive lingerie, we highly recommend discovering our luxury lingerie collection. Or maybe you prefer (like us) the stunning Boudoir lingerie, and then our Boudoir lingerie collection will be at the top of your list for you to shop for your lingerie. If you are more into naughty erotic lingerie, we recommend you head straight to the KINK universe, and if you're going down that road, our erotic lingerie with restraints collection deserves a visit.

But we are so much more than that, so lean back, feet up, and enjoy exploring our amazing universe.

Do not compromise when shopping for sexy lingerie

The majority of our sexy lingerie is produced by small luxury design houses here in Europe. Experience has taught us that the Europeans take great pride in producing the most beautiful lingerie styles with striking details in the most delicate materials. Many of the design houses even have their own in-house sewing facilities with only the very best sewing girls.

We will not compromise on quality – which means that you get what you pay for. That’s why the styles, models, and products that you see in our shop are also the products that you order and receive, not of lesser quality.

We do everything we can to ensure that you can see our sexy lingerie in up-close photos. We know better than anyone how important it is to be able to zoom all the way down and see all the details, from the stitching to the small, discreet lace embroidery. We want you to feel that you can nearly feel the delicate materials and fine laces between your hands when looking at the photos.

Our sexy lingerie oozes exclusivity, quality, and delicate details. The materials are soft, comfortable, and lasting. That is also why it is very important to us that, when shopping with us, your experience is first-class from the moment you place the order till the moment you receive your parcel. We love the thought of the smile on your lips when opening the parcel containing your new sexy lingerie – that is also why it is always shipped in silk paper and small boxes.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the COAX girls. They are always ready to help.

What type of lingerie should you choose?

The choice of sexy lingerie depends on individual preferences, comfort level, and the occasion for which it will be used. Regardless of the type of sexy lingerie you choose, it's important to select something that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Trust your own taste and style, and choose something that suits your personality and, of course, the occasion.

Regardless of your preference, style, and body type, there will always be sexy lingerie that fits you perfectly. You don't have to dive into the most daring choices from the beginning if you feel unsure. Instead, take your time to choose the type of lingerie that appeals to you and makes you feel comfortable. Ultimately, it's about your confidence, and when you feel comfortable – both in lingerie and your everyday clothing – your confidence will naturally shine through.

Lingerie bodysuit for the confident fashionista

Lingerie bodysuits have become a popular choice for the confident fashionista who wants to feel self-assured and sexy. They can be worn under everyday clothes or in the bedroom as part of a seductive look. With their sleek design and versatile style, bodysuits offer the perfect combination of comfort, elegance, and sex appeal.

In the bedroom, a bodysuit can be the ultimate choice when you want to exude an aura of sensuality and seduction. Opt for a bodysuit in soft lace or delicate nylon for a romantic and feminine feel. You can even add a pair of matching stockings or high heels for an extra touch of sensual elegance.

But lingerie bodysuits aren't just reserved for the bedroom. It can also be styled for everyday wear by incorporating it into your daily wardrobe. For a cool and casual look, you can pair a mesh or fishnet bodysuit with high-waisted jeans and sneakers. For more formal occasions and events, you can style it with a skirt or trousers and add a blazer or cardigan for a sophisticated expression. Whether it's as part of your everyday outfit or as an intimate surprise in the bedroom, lingerie bodysuits can be a subtle yet powerful way to express your personal style and confidence.

Pearl lingerie for the experimental and quality-conscious type

Lingerie with stimulating pearl strings is the perfect choice for those who are experimental and, at the same time, extremely quality-conscious, looking to add an extra dimension of sensual pleasure to their intimate relationships. This type of lingerie is designed to stimulate and intensify the pleasure aspect while offering exceptional comfort and elegance.

The pearl strings, often strategically placed to stimulate the most sensitive areas of the body, add a tantalizing vibe to any situation. Whether it's for a romantic evening at home or a fun and adventurous date, lingerie with stimulating pearl strings creates unforgettable moments of joy and intimacy.

The quality of our pearl lingerie is unmatched. It is made from the finest, most luxurious materials and crafted with care to ensure a comfortable fit and long-lasting durability. Each piece is designed with attention to detail to meet the high standards expected by the quality-conscious woman.

While lingerie with stimulating pearl strings may be a subtle and discreet addition to your wardrobe, its effect is anything but discreet. It will awaken your senses and ignite your deepest desires and fantasies, ensuring that every moment with your partner is filled with excitement and intensity. So whether you're in the mood to explore your sensual side or just want to add a little spice to your relationship, lingerie with stimulating pearl strings is the perfect choice for the experimental and quality-conscious customer.

Dress lingerie for the feminine and flirtatious

Dress lingerie is the ideal choice for women who desire a blend of elegance and femininity. Beautiful and seductive, dress lingerie is designed to embrace a woman's curves and accentuate her natural beauty in a sophisticated manner.

With their delicate lace, soft satin fabrics, and seductive designs, dress lingerie is perfect for special occasions, romantic dates, or simply indulging at home. It adds a luxurious feel and makes every woman feel beautiful, sexy, and confident.

Whether you're looking for a short and flirtatious babydoll dress or a long and elegant negligee dress, there is a plethora of styles and designs to choose from that cater to every taste, body shape, and occasion. With various colors, patterns, and details, there is something for every woman who wants to exude finesse and femininity.

Soft bondage lingerie for the naughty and submissive

Soft bondage lingerie is the perfect choice for the naughty and submissive woman who wants to explore her sensual side with spicy elegance while maintaining her quality-conscious style. This type of lingerie combines the seductive with the sophisticated to create a unique and exciting experience in the bedroom. With its erotic wet look materials complemented by soft lace and sheer mesh, the supple straps, and seductive design, soft bondage lingerie offers a subtle yet powerful way to explore your fantasies. It is designed to create a sense of excitement and control while maintaining a feeling of comfort.

The gentle bondage style opens a world of possibilities where you can experiment with role-play, bondage games, and other naughty activities. Whether you're a beginner or experienced in bondage, soft bondage lingerie allows you to explore your fantasies on your own terms and at your own pace.

Soft bondage lingerie is available in a variety of styles, from gentle and romantic babydolls to more daring and seductive bodysuits and sets, all with attached restraints and thin metal accents that add a spicy edge to the design. Whatever style you choose, there is something for every taste and body shape, adding a touch of excitement and mystery to your intimate moments. With soft bondage lingerie from COAX Copenhagen, every woman can express her submissive side with femininity and refinement.

Harness lingerie for the KINKY

Harness lingerie is the ultimate choice for those who have a more kinky and adventurous approach to their intimate relationships. This bold and seductive lingerie is designed to explore and express sexuality in a unique, new, and exciting way. With its decadent straps, harnesses, rings, and studs, harness lingerie creates a naughty and captivating aesthetic that invites play and discovery. It can create a sense of power and control, both for the wearer and their partner.

Harness lingerie comes in a plethora of styles and designs, ranging from subtle and elegant to bold and extravagant. Whatever style you choose, it will undoubtedly add a touch of excitement and intensity to your intimate moments in the bedroom.

Harness lingerie is the perfect type of lingerie for experimenting with role-play, dominance, and submission, but also simply to add an extra layer of spice to your lingerie collection. It can open new possibilities and fantasies, and it can be a fun and exciting way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Whether you're a beginner or experienced in harness lingerie, there is something for every taste and preference. It's a type of lingerie that allows you to explore your sexuality and express your individuality on your own terms and at your own pace.

What are the most popular brands in sexy lingerie?

When it comes to finding sexy lingerie, it's crucial to choose high-quality brands that combine style, comfort, and sensuality. At COAX Copenhagen, you'll find an impressive selection of leading lingerie brands that cater to every taste and preference.

From Noir Handmade's bold and exclusive designs to Be Wicked's playful and seductive collections, COAX Copenhagen offers a comprehensive range of styles to suit every personality. Leg Avenue offers imaginative and adventurous designs, while Beauty Night delivers sophisticated and glamorous options.

For those seeking elegance and refinement, Bracli offers beautiful and sensual styles that combine lace and pearls in an enchanting way. Cottelli is known for its classic and timeless designs, while Black Level adds a touch of edge and dominance to your wardrobe.

Whether you're looking for sensual underwear for a special occasion or want to indulge yourself with luxurious and tempting pieces, COAX Copenhagen has everything you need. With brands like Bijoux Indescrets, adding an extra dimension of eroticism with their exclusive accessories, COAX Copenhagen is the destination for anyone seeking the best in sexy lingerie.