COAX swimwear collection is inspired by the latest trends

Whether you feel most comfortable in a swimsuit, monokini, bikini, or tankini, our collection has exactly what you need. Dive into the latest styles and explore the wide range designed to fit every body type and taste. Enjoy the warmth of the sun's rays and the gentle waves of the water with a cold summer drink in hand while you shine in your new swimwear from the COAX collection.

Our swimwear collection is inspired by the latest trends in fashion, offering a range of fantastic colors, unique patterns, and flattering designs. Whether you prefer a classic style or something more contemporary, you can find something that suits your personality. You can choose between sporty and functional models for those who love water sports or elegant and sophisticated designs for those who want to relax by the pool in style. With COAX swimwear, you are ready for a summer full of adventure and relaxation. Find your perfect fit and let your confidence shine, no matter where your vacation takes you. Get ready to create memories that will last all year.

The classic swimsuit that accentuates your silhouette

The classic swimsuit is a timeless favorite that effortlessly enhances your silhouette, offering a touch of elegance and femininity. With its clean lines and refined cuts, the swimsuit is designed to hug your body in all the right places, giving you confidence and comfort whether you are on the beach or by the pool. The subtle waistline in many swimsuits helps to accentuate your shape, while high-quality materials ensure that you get the support and flexibility you need for all kinds of activities. Swimsuits come in a vast array of colors and patterns, allowing you to find the perfect style that complements your personality. From sleek and elegant black to vibrant neon shades that make your tan pop, the classic swimsuit is a versatile option that remains perennially chic. Whether you are into swimming laps, catching some sun, or enjoying beach sports, swimsuits are an excellent choice. It is designed for the modern woman who seeks a sophisticated style that elevates her natural beauty, providing both comfort and confidence in one fashionable package.

What is a monokini?

A monokini is a type of swimwear, typically for women, that was originally designed as a topless swimsuit, essentially a bikini with just the bottom piece. However, over time, the concept of "monokini" has evolved, and today it usually refers to a one-piece swimsuit that has large cutouts or slits, often connecting the top and bottom sections with a narrow strip of fabric or straps. This style combines elements from both bikinis and one-piece swimsuits and is known for being more striking and modern than traditional one-pieces. The design of a monokini can range from relatively modest to quite revealing, depending on the size of the cutouts and the type of material used. It is often chosen by those who want to show a bit more skin while still maintaining a certain level of support and coverage.

A tankini is perfect if you want to hide your stomach

A tankini is an excellent choice for those looking to hide their stomach while enjoying the comfort and versatility of a two-piece swimsuit. This swimwear style features a longer top that extends down to meet or slightly overlap the bikini bottoms, offering more coverage around the midsection. With a tankini, you get the freedom and flexibility of a bikini combined with the modesty and concealment of a one-piece swimsuit. Tankinis come in various designs, from sporty to chic, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your body shape and personal style. Some tankini tops even feature ruching or draping that can help further conceal the stomach area, providing a flattering and slimming effect. The longer length also prevents unwanted exposure when you are swimming or moving around on the beach. With a tankini, you can feel confident and comfortable, knowing that you are covered while still enjoying a fashionable and functional swimwear option.

Dive into the world of rhinestone-studded bikinis

Step into the spotlight with two-piece bikinis adorned with glittery rhinestones. These dazzling bikinis are all about making a statement and catching the light, whether you are lounging by the pool or strutting your stuff on the beach. With their sparkle and shine, these bikinis bring an instant touch of glamour to your swimwear collection. Each rhinestone is carefully placed to create a dazzling effect that turns heads wherever you go. From shimmering triangle tops to sparkly bottoms, there is a style to suit every taste. The rhinestones not only add a dash of luxury but also elevate your beach look to a whole new level. Pair your glittery two-piece bikini with oversized sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, and you are ready to own the scene. These bikinis are perfect for beach parties, poolside cocktails, or any time you want to bring the glitz and glam to your summer. Dive into the world of rhinestone-studded bikinis, and let your inner star shine.

Neon colored swimwear accentuates tanned skin

Neon colored swimwear is a fantastic way to accentuate tanned skin, adding a vibrant pop of color that draws attention and enhances your summer glow. Neon shades like electric yellow, hot pink, lime green, and bright orange contrast beautifully with sun-kissed skin, making your tan look deeper and more radiant. Wearing neon swimwear not only turns heads but also evokes a sense of energy and fun. These bold colors are perfect for beach parties, poolside lounging, or any occasion where you want to stand out and make a statement. Neon colors can brighten your overall look, creating a lively and playful vibe that complements the relaxed atmosphere of summer. The colors are also incredibly versatile as they can be matched with other swimwear, making it easy to create different looks. Whether you choose a neon bikini, monokini, or one-piece swimsuit, you'll find that these eye-catching shades amplify the beauty of your tan, giving you a fresh and confident appearance.

Swimwear cover-ups that keep your beach vibe effortlessly chic

Elevate your beach style with a sexy cover-up that turns heads and keeps your vibe effortlessly chic. Perfect for slipping over your swimwear, a stylish cover-up is the ultimate accessory for those moments when you want to transition from sunbathing to beachside drinks without missing a beat. From sheer fabrics that tease with a hint of skin to flowing kaftans that cascade elegantly around you, the right cover-up adds a layer of allure and sophistication to your beach look. Consider a lightweight kimono with bold patterns for a boho touch or a fitted sarong that highlights your curves in all the right places. Whether you are strolling along the shoreline, hitting up a beach party, or relaxing by the pool, a sexy cover-up is your secret weapon for instant glamour. Pair it with your favorite sunglasses and a floppy hat, and you've got a look that is as hot as the summer sun.