Everything you need to know about stockings!

Everything you need to know about stockings!

When looking for the perfect pair of nylon stockings, that are as durable as they are comfortable, and also work with your outfit and lingerie, there are several things to keep in mind. Here we have created a small guide that will help you choose the perfect pair for you, looking at the thickness of your new stockings, the style, in addition to a lot of other fab tips.


Deniers is a term used to describe the density of the stockings, or in other words, how transparent the stockings are. The lower a denier, the more transparent the stockings – the thinner and more delicate they are as well.

The standard denier for stockings, that is most often used with an elegant lingerie set or under a cute going-out dress, is typically 20 deniers. If you want a pair of stockings that are finer and more delicate for your lingerie, then you have to go further down to, 15 or 10 deniers. If the deniers are lower than 10, then the stockings are extremely delicate and you’ll have to be very careful with everything that you come close to – this applies to nails, chairs etc.

If you, on the other hand, want a pair of everyday tights, that are not transparent, and can be worn to work or to simply keep you warm, then you need 40 deniers or higher. Here, 60 or 80 deniers would most likely be preferable.

Conclusion: The lower a denier, the more delicate the stocking.

What is denier?


Opaque, we see the word used on a lot of stocking sleeves, but what does it really mean? Opaque, directly translated means dense. I.e., stockings that are non-transparent. These stockings are typically at 60+ deniers and are often the ones that we wear throughout the winter, to work or to keep warm.

You may also come across the phrase ‘Opaque trim, toe or waist’, which means that there is an extra thick layer of nylon in those particular areas – it can either be as a reinforcement in that exact area or as an elastic trim on a pair of thigh high stockings.

Opaque stockings

Toe reinforcement

Toe reinforcement, also known as shadow, is a reinforcement of the stocking toes. It makes the toe section stronger and often this section is also more elastic which gives the toes more room to move in.

Many women prefer stockings without toe reinforcement, as they look more elegant in open sandals or pumps. But if you are to wear your stockings in a boot, sneakers or other closed-toe shoes, then a toe reinforcement is to be preferred as it gives more comfort to your toes – however, only to the limited extend that a pair of stockings offer.

What is toe reinforcement on stockings?

Cuban heel

A Cuban heel is also a type of reinforcement of the stocking, this time we are looking at the back of the heel. The term Cuban heel dates back to the olden days, when soldiers’ boots were reinforced with a so-called Coban heel, later Cuban heels were seen on cowboy boots, and this trend continued up through the 17th century into the finer French circles – but still on men’s shoes only. Today we see them, for example on professional dancers’ dancing shoes - both for men and women.

Back to stockings, where Cuban heel today is mostly used as a type of statement and to give the stockings a sexier look. Stockings with a Cuban heel typically also have a back seam, which is an old relic, but today used to give the stockings a sensual look.

If you want stockings with reinforcement at the heel, then it is the Cuban heel that you should be looking to.

What is Cuban heel on stockings?

Stay-Up stockings

Stay-up stockings are an absolute must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. The Stay-ups are thigh high stockings with a silicone trim on the inside, so that they can be held up without the use of a suspender or garter belts.

Stay-ups are known for their sex appeal and are a statement in themselves. If you have a black basic lingerie set and you add a pair of stay-ups, then your whole look radiate sensuality and seduction.

When wearing a pair of stay-ups, it is extremely important that you do not wear any lotion or body oil on your thighs as the silicone trim will then not stick to your thighs and the stockings will slide down.

Should you, after all, experience that your stockings, start sliding down then you can moisten a cotton ball with a bit of skin tonic and swipe it along the silicone trim, and your stay-ups will be as good as new.

What is stay ups and hold ups?

Crotchless tights

Crotchless tights are most often associated with something erotic and seductive. But crotchless tights are so much more than that.

Crotchless tights are very practical, they are in fact much more hygienic than regular tights, as they provide ventilation due to the open crotch. The synthetic material that most tights are made from, does not allow your private area to ‘breathe’, which means that the body cannot get rid of heat and moisture.

When the body cannot get rid of heat and moisture, it creates the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and develop into fungi. At the same time, it goes without saying that, when there is no ‘ventilation’ a dull confined odour is created – this applies to the home, as well, as the private parts. Something to think about.

Why you should wear crotchless pantyhose