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The ladies behind the international, worldwide shipping, erotic lingerie shop COAX Copenhagen are driven by a passion for embracing the feminine urge to give in to erotic fantasies and let go of, or take, control in the bedroom. We offer an entire universe of sexy lingerie designs that satisfy every woman’s need.

We have created a unique lingerie universe that aims to stimulate your and your partner's curiosity into trying out new erotic lingerie designs. Discover enticing lingerie designs such as crotchless panties with pearls or the popular soft bondage-inspired lingerie with restraints – all the way to full-body sheer mesh bodystocking lingerie and soft silky satin nighties and robes.

When shopping for erotic lingerie and sexy underwear, it is essential not to compromise on quality.

The erotic lingerie we offer is carefully selected by the ladies at COAX Copenhagen and crafted by European luxury lingerie manufacturers. These designers and manufacturers take great pride in creating beautiful lingerie with intricate details using the finest materials. Many of these design houses have their own sewing facilities staffed with highly skilled seamstresses.

We prioritize quality above all else, ensuring that what you see in our shop is exactly what you will receive – products of the highest quality. We make every effort to provide up-close photos of our erotic lingerie, understanding the importance of being able to examine the details, such as stitching and lace embroidery.

Our erotic lingerie exudes exclusivity, quality, and intricate details. The materials used are soft, comfortable, and durable. We strive to offer a first-class shopping experience from placing your order until receiving your parcel. We take pleasure in the idea of seeing the smile on your face when you unwrap your new erotic lingerie, which is why we always wrap your new lingerie in pink silk paper and luxurious boxes.

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