SYDNEY | Stimulating pearl lingerie

The Pearl collection

The exclusive SYDNEY collection is a further development of the first original and iconic Pearl Lingerie Collection from Bracli. The lace is still Italian and the pearls are still the beautiful Manacor pearls; in addition, an exclusive gold shimmer detail has now also been added to the lace. Finally, the new collection also offer a wider selection of the different lingerie styles and colours.

To give an example, the SYDNEY collection now offers two completely new mind-blowing colours - blue and ivory. Furthermore, virtually all the bodysuits and thong designs are made with both the single, as well as, the double pearl string.

The single pearl string offers a unique and gentle stimulation to her, while the double pearl string stimulates both her and him. The double pearl string has a small pearl ring that can be adjusted and positioned so that it touches her most sensitive area, as he slides through the pearl strings and enters her.

The pearl lingerie is an entirely new and different way to enjoy each other, and at the same time it is a really pleasant way to bring something new and stimulating into the relationship.

Sydney Body - Bodysuit with single pearl string

Blue bodysuit with pearl string - Sydney Body Single

Sydney Body Double - Bodysuit with double pearl string

Black bodysuit with double pearl string - Sydney Body Double

Sydney Bralette - Bustier bralette with pearl choker

Red bustier bralette with pearl choker - Sydney bralette

Sydney Hipster - Hipster panty with pearl string

Blue hipster panty with pearl string - Sydney panty

Sydney Double - Panty with double pearl string

Red double pearl string - Sydney Double

Sydney Single - Panty with single pearl string

Ivory pearl string - Sydney Single

Sydney Bra - Pearl strand halter neck bralette

Black bralette with pearl strand - Sydney Bra

Sydney Dark Bra - Bralette with black pearl strand

Red bralette with pearl strand - Sydney Dark Bra

Sydney Dark String - Panty with black pearl string

Black pearl string - Sydney Dark Single

Sydney Glove - Stimulating pearl glove

Ivory glove with stimulating pearls - Sydney Glove