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Halloween costumes


Here you’ll find absolutely EVERYTHING in Halloween costumes for women, as well as all you’ll ever need for your DIY Halloween costume.

Our absolute favorite costume party gotta be Halloween – why? Because Halloween invites you to dress up in sexy costumes, it could be a vamped vampire costume, a spellbinding witch costume, a mouthwatering pumpkin costume, or a sexy little devil costume. Halloween is just that (vampire) bite more sassy, than other dress-up parties. And, and, and, we can wear over-the-top make-up with smokey eyes, without any strange looks – wuhuu!

We take great pride in staying close to our customers throughout the entire process – from the moment you order your Halloween costume, all the way till the end when it has been delivered at your door by Postman Pat and Jess. We are always happy to help you find the perfect costume and if you need it, we’d love to offer ideas on how to complete your look. Do you have questions in relation to which size you need, then we are also ready to help. Just drop us a line ;-)

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