'31 Days of Halloween' - Halloween makeup looks

'31 Days of Halloween' - Halloween makeup ideas

Here at the COAX office we are completely fascinated by creative people - the ones that possess a truly unique and remarkable talent - and Julie Odsgaard is one of those. We first came across her on Instagram, where she, throughout the month of October, posted one mind-blowing Halloween makeup-look after another!

Julie started playing around with make-up 2 years ago; and at the same time posting it on her Instagram profile, which today is followed by more than 12,000 people.

Once Julie mastered, what is known as Glam Make-up (party make-up), she realised that family and acquaintances could not really relate to what she was doing. So, Julie started doing character inspired make-up, as she wanted to do make-up that everyone can relate to and get something out of. Today you can find everything from Disney Princesses, to DC Comic’s Joker - mixed with more normal make-up looks - on her inspirational IG profile.

Halloween is high season for Julie's make-up looks, and this year she set herself the challenge of producing, what she calls '31 Days of Halloween’ - 31 days where you can see a new Halloween-look from her every day.

With Julie's story and talent, even the clothes of the characters are body-painted. So, everything you see in her photos is either make-up or body paint - WAUW!