6 hacks for you who's into lingerie!

6 hacks for you who's into lingerie!

The COAX girls' 6 hacks for you to keep in mind, when buying and taking care of your lingerie

#1 | For each bra, buy two pairs of knickers. The bra can often be worn for two or more days, while you change your knickers on a daily basis. That way you’ll always have a matching set of underwear. (Pssst… many bra sets come with both knickers and thong – so in theory you could go of one of each).

#2 | Check your bra measurements on a regular basis – as often as every 6 months – this ensures that your bras always fit perfectly and provide you the optimal support

#3 | Bra straps that have been adjusted correctly give you up to 20% of your bra’s support. So each time, you put on your bra, make sure that is adjusted correctly (or let’s say at least once a week – we all know that we’ll never get around to doing it on a daily basis).

#4 | When trying on a new bra, you should close it the outer hook. Why? Because then, with time, you can go one hook down, as the material gets looser. Read more about how you make ensure that your bra fits perfectly.

#5 | Hand wash or machine wash your bras on delicates (today most washing machines come with a Hand Wash setting). That way you can be sure that your bras keep their shape and stay beautiful for longer. And remember to always use a laundry wash bag.

#6 | You must NEVER ever dry your bras in the tumble dryer – otherwise they’ll get ruined and ugly in no time. We, the COAX girls, dry our bras on a flat surface.