Lingerie for Valentines Day - the ultimate lingerie guide!

Lingerie for Valentines Day - the ultimate lingerie guide!

Valentines is just around the corner – and yes! There are just as many opinions about this celebration, as we have beautiful models on our shop.

We are obviously ‘all for’ Valentine’s day and see it as the perfect opportunity (excuse) to shop the type of lingerie which is “Ohh so beautiful”, but not in any way practical at all. If anything - this is the perfect day to wear it!

Whether you are into the romantic red lace lingerie, a sexy bodysuit or bondage inspired lingerie – we have the perfect sets that will thrill you just as much as it will excite your partner.

So scroll down and take a look at our personal favourites.


Not practical for everyday wear, but incredibly sexy and suggestive for Valentine’s day. Should you decide to go all-in, then our Castle in The Sky Collection is the perfect choice.

In this collection, you’ll find everything from the sensual shelf bras to wet look and lace harnesses. If you prefer not to show too much skin, then you’ll also find the most stunning bodysuits that will accentuate your curves perfectly. Then it can only turn out to be a great evening!

Below are our 3 favourites from that collection – click here to see the full collection.

Wet look lingerie & harness

APHRODISIAC - Wetlook lingerie

'APHRODISIAC' - Black wet look push-up brablack lace harnessblack wet look thong.

Shelf bra & thong

CENCE - Shelf bra & thong with silver chain embroidery

'CENCE' - Shelf bra with silver chain embroiderythong with silver chain embroidery.

Wet look bustier & thong

INFATUATED - Black wet look bustier corset & thong


Black lace is always a winner – it’s beautiful, seductive, sexy and flatters every single one of us!

When writing about Valentine’s lingerie, there is no getting around the classic black lace lingerie. The black lace comes in right behind the red lace lingerie as no 2, black lace lingerie is the clear runner-up on the list of the most popular looks for Valentine’s day lingerie.

Below you’ll find just a few of our bestsellers!

Black lace lingerie set

Black lingerie set - Kiss It Better

'Kiss it Better' - Black lace lingerie set - Shop here.

Black lace chemise

Black lace chemise - Let's Stay

'Let's Stay' - Black lace chemise - Shop here.

Black lace lingerie set

Black eyelash lace lingerie set - Love to Love

'Love to Love' - Black lace bralette, garter belt & string panty - Shop here.


Not everyone’s into lingerie (believe it or not). For some it may feel wrong, or too tight, or they find it difficult to find the right size. But, that does not excuse you jumping into your old worn-out sleepwear, that you wear all other nights of the week – Valentines is a special night.

Our 'Sweet Dreams' collection has the most delicate jersey sets, that are exceptionally soft and comfortable to wear – AND most importantly, are super cute with the divine laces and other details.

Our two favourites (and funnily enough, also our customer’s favourites) you’ll see below. So no more excuses!

Black jersey romper

Comfortable black  jersey romper - Sarina

''Sarina' - Black jersey romper with lace - Shop here.

Black satin romper

Black satin romper - Shannon

'Shannon' - Black satin romper - Shop here.


Red lace lingerie is what you need if you want it to be truly romantic and sexy – without the kitsch.

The Boudoir Collection offers the most stylish red lace lingerie sets, that without any doubt will please his and your eye. So If you decide to go all-in with the red romantic colour on Valentine’s Day, then look no further. This collection simply screams ‘I love you!’

Again, here we obviously also have a favourite list – have a look and see if you agree.

Red lace bustier with suspenders

Red lace bustier with suspenders - Reese

'Reese' - Red bustier with suspenders - Shop here.

Red lingerie dress

Red lingerie dress - Feel My Passion

'Feel My Passion' - Red lingerie dress - Shop here.

Red bodysuit & robe

 Red bodysuit & robe - Bedtime Stories

'Bedtime Stories' - Red bodysuit & robe - Shop here.

Red crotchless bodysuit

Red crotchless bodysuit - Seduce Me In Red

'Seduce Me in Red' - Red crotchless bodysuit - Shop here.


Do you want to be tied in the name of love? Then we also have your back covered here ;-)

Throughout the shop you’ll find the most striking bondage lingerie – such as in the Boudoir Collection, as well as the super ravishing KINK Collection.

Our sought after SHAQUILA set is a given, with it’s erotic wet look, lace wrist cuffs and blindfold – in-short an extremely sexy wet look with a stylish feminine lace twist.

The divine SALOME set from our KINK collection, promises a very sexy night ahead – naughty, naughty – here you’ll seduce your partner in wet look as well as in chains(!)

Lingerie set with cuffs & blindfold

Lingerie set with blindfold - Shaquila

'Shaquila' - Bondage lingerie with cuffs & blindfold - Shop here.

Cage top with chain & wet look panties

Cage top with chain & wet look panties - SALOME

'SALOME' - Cage top with chain & wet look panties - Shop here.

Lace collar & cuffs with chain

Black lace collar & cuffs with chain - LILI

'LILI' - Black lace collar & cuffs with silver chain - Shop here.

Teddy & wrist cuffs

Boudoir teddy & wrist cuffs - Ellie

'ELLIE' - Wet look teddy & satin wrist cuffs - Shop here.


Are you looking for lingerie that you can wear on your date, as well as in your normal everyday life, then you need to home-in on the more classic basic styles, with a cheeky and seductive twist.

That could f.ex. be a bodysuit like NONCHALANT and the black wet look bra APHRODISIAC, that as a set, is extremely sexy and can easily be worn individually afterwards.

You could also opt for a black chemise, like the Leslie satin chemise from our Boudoir collection, which you will also be able to wear underneath a dress when out and about, or as a delicate nightie.

Bodysuit & bra

Bodysuit & Bra

'NONCHALANT' - bodysuit - Shop here. 'APHRODISIAC' - wet look bra - Shop here.

Fishnet bodysuit with rhinestones

Rhinestone fishnet bodysuit - Shine Bright

'Shine Bright' - Rhinestone fishnet bodysuit - Shop here.

Black satin chemise

Black satin chemise - Leslie

'Leslie' - Black satin chemise - Shop here.

Lace bustier bra & string panty

Black bustier bra & string panty - FINENESS

'FINENESS' - Black bustier bra - Shop here. Black string panty - Shop here.


If you are more into the sweet, cute doll look, then the satin nighties are the ones you should be looking at.

The white bodysuit with matching robe was one of our Christmas bestsellers – so if you were not one of the lucky girls who found it under their Christmas tree, then it is for sure a great investment now.

Are you more into bra sets or bodysuits that you can wear underneath your dress for the romantic Valentine’s date, then we have listed our picks below.

White off the shoulder bodysuit

White off the shoulder bodysuit - Honey

'Honey' - White off the shoulder bodysuit - Shop here.

White lace ruffle crop top & panty

White lace ruffle crop top and panty - On The Wish List

'On The Wish List' - White lace ruffle crop top and panty - Shop here.

Bodysuit & robe

White bodysuit & robe - My Only Wish

'My Only Wish' - White bodysuit & robe - Shop here.


If you want cliché, then cliché it shall be. And then there is no way around the beautiful, sexy and the ultimate cliché Valentine’s day lingerie – THE BOW lingerie. And honestly, is there any better present but you? No, didn’t think so ;-)

Below we have highlighted our two absolute V-Day favourites.

Red bow lingerie

Red bow lingerie - XoXo

'XoXo' - Red bow lingerie - Shop here.

Petal pink bow lingerie

Petal pink satin lingerie set - Tied to Perfection

'Tied to Perfection' - Petal pink satin lingerie set - Shop here.

Happy Valentine’s Day Shopping!