What effect does pearl lingerie have?

What effect does pearl lingerie have?

The elegant and delicate 'Original Pearl' collection is designed by the Spanish designer Luis Álvarez. Luis is behind the famous 'Classic Pearl Thong', which first became known to the world from the Sex & the City episode, where Samantha receives a beautiful black box from Richard that contains a pair of black lace panties with an erotic and delicate pearl strand.

The Classic Pearl Thong became extremely popular due to the pearl strand on the panty, which is designed to give stimulating feeling to the woman wearing them.

The Pearl Collection design is branded BRACLI. The name derives from the two most intimate and personal words for a woman "Braga (lingerie) and Clítoris". Bracli is a combination of delicate lace lingerie and soft beautiful pearls that give an erotic and stimulating feeling to the woman's most sensitive areas of the body.

Since 1996 the beautiful lingerie has been protected by an 'International Invention Patent', that guarantees the exclusivity and originality of the design, and prevents any attempt to copy or re-design the high-end lingerie.

After the launch of the Classic Pearl Thong, Luis has further developed the collection and today BRACLI offers a wide range of elegant and exclusive styles. You can find everything from stylish tops with pearl stands designed as beautiful pearl necklaces, to the most delicate chemises and bodysuits - all styles - each with their individual pearl design.

Of course, there are other and more important factors when stimulating a woman, than just the physical sense of the lingerie and the intense the soft and erotic pearls. It is also very much about how the woman fantasizes around the exciting Bracli universe - we call it 'Braclistimulates'.

See the lingerie as an invitation to acheiving maximum pleasure and explore the unknown universe of the female stimuli when she wears the BRACLI lingerie.

The BRACLI pearl lingerie is much more than just a cheeky set of underwear - it's a journey!

We encourage you to share the experience with you partner and enjoy all the energy and pampering that comes with the BRACLI pearl collection.

You can see the entire BRACLI pearl collection HERE