At COAX Copenhagen you’ll find an incredibly sexy and seductive selection of the most popular wet look, PVC and vinyl catsuits with shiny latex look surface.

There is nothing more sexy than a wet look catsuit that looks as if it was painted on the body and gives you the most sexy and perfect silhouette. The catsuit collection at COAX Copenhagen is insanely popular within the large wetlook fetish circle, who loves quality and amazing fits.

The COAX girls only select the very best styles, with the best fits and in the best materials – for let’s be honest, there's a lot of very low quality products out there that loose the shape after first time use. But not our collection! The catsuits that you find in our store are super popular and in high demand because they are produced in high quality materials, here in Europe by proud and skilful sewing girls. The catsuits are handmade and are long lasting. So when in the market for a new wet look, PVC or vinyl catsuit, it is our recommendation that you always go for quality.