8 Reasons why your strapless bra isn’t working!

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And how to fix it! 

1. The bra band is too loose

When purchasing a strapless bra, it’s important that you go down, at least, one band size. This is to compensate for the lack of support that you’d normally get from the straps on your regular bra. It’s essential that you buy a strapless bra which fits as tight as possible, yet still comfortable to wear. If the band is not tight enough, you’ll not obtain the correct amount of support.

And yes, you’ll possibly get a ‘back bra bulge’, but it’s either that or ending up wearing a strapless bra that doesn’t provide the bust support needed. To reduce the risk of getting a ‘back bra bulge’, you can go for a bra with a wider and thicker bra band - but do keep in mind that with a strapless bra it’ll never be just as perfect as it would be with a regular bra with straps.

2. The bra band is too short

The bigger your bust, the longer your bra band needs to be. A slightly longer bra band will ensure that your bust actually gets the support that it needs.

Women with very large busts may be forced to go for a bustier bra or a strapless shapewear bodysuit to achieve the same amount of support, that women with a smaller bust get from a regular strapless bra.

3. Multifunctional bras are overrated

In theory they are good, but rarely in reality - and especially not after prolonged use. A multifunction bra (the ones where you can remove the straps) never work the way you need them to. So you might as well avoid them all together, as it’s really a real strapless bra that you need. Read points 1 and 2 for more details.

4. Your dress or top is too tight at the top and pulls down the bra

Your strapless bra has plenty to do with holding and supporting your bust. So please do ensure that it does not also need to hold up and support your dress or top. If you wear a strapless dress, then make sure that the dress is fitted at the waist, so it’s the hips and not your bust that supports the dress - the same goes for tops.

You’ve probably worn a dress with a strapless bra underneath, where you constantly ended up having to pull up the dress at the top - either because the dress pulled the bra down or because your bra band was too loose.

To get a better idea of what I mean, have a look at the below photo.

5. Your bra is worn out!

Bras are designed to last anything between 6 and 12 months, when used on a regular basis – even shorter if the bra is of lesser quality or not treated with proper care. This mainly applies to bra with straps. Strapless bras have to work even harder, doing the same job, so they become "loose" much faster. And yes true, you most likely won't use a strapless bra as much as a regular bra, but that doesn't mean that you can expect it to last for years and years. Even with minimal use and gentle care, the elastic material will become looser with time.

In order to get the most out of your strapless bra (well any bra really), you need to make sure that when you buy a new bra it must fit you perfectly when closed in the outer bra hooks.

The more you use the bra, the looser the bra band gets - and then what could be more satisfying, then you having a few hooks more to go by :-)

6. The top of your bra cup is visible through your clothes

In that case, the bra cup is either too large or the material in which the bra is made (applies mainly to padded bras) is too thick. To avoid that the edge of the cup is visible through your clothes, you can try wearing a bra without padding, which will lie closer against the bust. You can also go for a bra with a little lace trim at the top, this often helps to make the transition from the edge of the cup to the bust become softer.

If you have tried all of the above and the edge is still visible through your clothes, then it is not your bra that’s the problem – it’s your top which most likely is too tight or made from a too thin and unsuited for a bra material (or both), And there is nothing that any bra can do to fix it.

7. Does your strapless bra have a silicone trim?

If your strapless bra doesn't have a silicone trim along the inside of the bra band, then you might as well forget it. The silicone trim does all the work for you and your strapless bra. The silicone trim helps the bra to stay in place by "sticking" to the skin (i.e. not as adhesive tape - but you know what I mean).

So # 1 when shopping for strapless bra; always look for the small thin superhero trim!

8. You expect too much of a strapless bra

A strapless bra will never feel like or give you support in the same way as a bra with straps does. It just doesn't. They may look very similar - except from the straps - but in reality – they’re from two completely different planets. The best thing is, to just accept the strapless bra for what it is.

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