Find the sexiest crotchless panties, tights and lingerie sets. For you who want it to be discreet and yet so sexy…

Do you want to know a secret? Crotchless knickers and panties are some of our most popular and the most desirable lingerie! Yes, you heard it right!

That’s why we have found the most delicate and sexy styles of crotchless lingerie for our collection. At COAX Copenhagen, you’ll find everything from suggestive crotchless knickers, sexy crotchless bodysuits, and seductive crotchless bodystockings – the COAX girls have everything when it comes to crotchless lingerie so that you can live out your wildest fantasies.

Surprise the man on your date night by wearing a pair of crotchless knickers under your dress, and during the dinner, lean over and whisper in his ear that you are wearing crotchless knickers…and you’ll have a very happy (and most likely much more considerate and attentive) man ;-)

In our shop, we have a lot of men who purchase crotchless knickers – most likely not for themselves – so maybe, one day, you’ll be the lucky one to receive a small, beautiful gift box with a pair of sexy crotchless knickers.

Crotchless tights are actually very practical…

Have you ever been to the toilet at a restaurant or night club and had your tights in a twist or even torn your tights so that you have ‘a runner’? That’s OH so annoying!

BUT, with the crotchless tights you’ll no longer have this problem – they are really practical (and sexy) – you put them on as normal tights, but instead of wearing your knickers underneath your tights, you wear then on top of the tights. That means that you won't need to take off your tights, when visiting the ladies room. Et Voila, what do you think of that? A total hit!