Want to get to know COAX Copenhagen?

Want to get to know COAX Copenhagen?

Step into the enchanting world of COAX Copenhagen - a universe where seductive and sexy lingerie takes center stage!

COAX Copenhagen, a Danish-owned online boutique, is dedicated to intimacy, inspiration, and fantasy. Our sexy lingerie universe invites everyone to explore a captivating array of erotic lingerie and sexy underwear, setting the stage for unforgettable moments with detailed descriptions and curated inspiration that await you, enhancing your intimate evenings.

Our team of ladies is poised to offer expert advice, fueled by a genuine passion for lingerie, intricate details, and to help you find the perfect pieces for your special night. Enjoy discreet and swift delivery, complemented by a 30-day full return and exchange policy.

However, COAX Copenhagen is so much more than just a webshop; it's an experience from the moment you enter. So lean back and enjoy the magical journey. Feel the awakening of curiosity and desire as you navigate through our exciting contrasts, intriguing and inviting designs, and extensive range spanning various genres.

At the core of the distinctive COAX universe stands Christina - a woman of intriguing contrasts herself. With a background as a legal secretary and a job in a formal, polished, and reputable company, Christina simultaneously had a passion and interest in the soft and delicate lace designs. She had a dream and vision of delivering provocative, sexy, and tantalizing lingerie in an inviting, sophisticated manner at prices accessible to all. Christina's unique eye for detail manifests in materials and designs, an authentic celebration of feminine refinement.

In 2009, Christina initiated this venture in a modest apartment in the heart of Copenhagen. What began as a fun and challenging project swiftly outgrew its confines, evolving into an adventurous journey.

For Christina, every woman is unique and deserves tailored attention and to be treated and courted accordingly. This ethos extends throughout her universe, where women of all ages and sizes are able to express their passions through an extensive array of lingerie materials - from soft, subtle lace and sheer nylon to erotic wetlook and provocative, sleek PVC and vinyl. A thoughtfully curated selection that caters to whatever material your fantasy is made of - it can certainly come to life here!

We hope this marks the beginning of a lasting affair. Many, having immersed themselves in the COAX Copenhagen experience come back to shop again, and again, and...

Are you ready to let Christina unveil the first of her secrets to you?

In our world, we, the women cherish when our partner selects and presents us with sexy lingerie. While we gladly adorn ourselves with these intimate pieces, the true courtship begins when our partners take the initiative, rather than leaving us to make these selections ourselves. And what better gift than one that keeps on giving?

Spoil your woman and let the seductive experience unfold as she receives and opens her carefully packaged treasures - transforming into the ultimate gift herself, an invitation to unwrap and explore, for play and passion.

At COAX Copenhagen, there's always an occasion for seduction and pampering!