How to avoid bikini line razor bumps

How to avoid bikini line razor bumps

Two things that do not go hand in hand are bikini line razor bumps and sexy lingerie! Have you ever bought a beautiful new set of lingerie or a cute new bikini - ready to be perfectly elegant and feminine. You shave, and shortly afterwards this burning sore feeling comes sneaking in - sometimes worse than others .. That’s over now!

We got our hand on this “4 step guide for the perfect shave without red razor bumps”. The 4 step guide comes from an erotic dancer - and if anyone knows anything about how to keep the bikini line delicate and nice, it’s got to be her. She explains...

Step 1

Exfoliate, then gently massage baby oil onto the skin, till it softens both skin and hair.

Step 2

Use a men’s shaving razor (preferably one with 4 blades) as well as men’s shaving foam. Since it’s intended for the face, it’s extra mild.

Step 3

Apply skin-tonic onto the skin to remove dirt, residue and to close the pores.

Step 4

Finally, you apply deodorant onto the shaved area – stick or roll-on without perfume, f.ex. Dove or Neutral. It will keep you dry 'down there' and help to reduce friction and dampness – and thereby keep you free from the irritating 'razor bumps'.

We tested it ourselves - and it worked for us!

If this, for some reason, should not work for you, and you still feel the burning sensation come sneaking, it's a good idea to take some ice cubes and wrap them in a clean towel, dishcloth or the like, and hold it against to the skin, to cool as well as, to prevent further razor bump breaking out.


AND, now you're again ready to put on the new elegant and sexy lingerie and swimwear!