How to secretly figure out her lingerie size

How to secretly figure out her size

To buy lingerie as gift for your woman sends a personal, loving and very affirmative message. It shows your desire for her, that you find her very attractive and last, but not least, that you cannot get enough of her.

A gift specially selected for her and delicately wrapped in soft silk paper shows that you have thought about the gift and taken the time out to find this personal, special gift - we love it!

If it is your first time purchasing lingerie for her, it may seem a bit overwhelming to find the exact model and size - but don’t worry – The COAX Copenhagen girls are here for exactly the very thing - to help YOU find the perfect style and model.

Buying lingerie online is no big science and in her eyes, you’ll be so much more of a man. The fact that you figured out how to buy lingerie all on you own - you will the hot conversation topic when she next talks to her girlfriends.

We have helped hundreds of men, find the perfect gift, and we have some great tips that will help you make the whole process a lot easier.

Find her size Firstly, find her size - the easiest way to figure that one out is to take a sneak peek in her underwear drawer and in her dresses. Read the size of the small sewn-in labels.

Should you come up with several different sizes, then you need to find the dress and panty that she wears the most often (meaning that’s the she size she find the most comfortable) or you can have a look at what size most of her clothes come in. You should also look at which models and colours she has a lot of. Maybe she has a lot og black bras and nighties, and hardly any white lingerie – then you already know that you're not completely in the wrong with black lingerie.

See if she has a lot of lace lingerie or if she prefers more simple and elegant underwear – then you could f.ex. go with a black corset and a pair of black stay-up stockings. On the other hand, if she has a lot of garter belts and quite a few lace dresses, the it show you that she is into delicate feminine lingerie and you can be a bit more adventurous and choose one of the beautiful lace bodysuits or a slightly more sober wet look set. It's all about getting that little idea of what she likes, so that your gift feels perfect and personal when she opens it.

If you still are in unsure of her size, then we have made a customized size guide on the product pages under each style. Here you can read what f.ex. a size 38 corresponds to or what a size medium is. Very simple and easily displayed.

Beautifully and delicately wrapped

We always wrap all our products in delicate pale pink silk paper when preparing the shipment to our customers. It's about the whole experience and not just the product.

Are you still unsure?

We are here help you. During the daytime you can catch up with us on the customer service mail: With us always have 30 days full return - AND if you somehow bought the wrong size, we are more than happy to exchange it for you.