Stimulating pearls - this is how they work

The pearl string on our panties, bodysuits and gloves, are designed to stimulate and pleasure. This sensation could occur when she wears her thong at a passionate dinner date; or for him, as well as, her when together in the bedroom. Regardless of how the different styles are used and worn, the stimulation of the pearls will lead to arousal and possibly a subsequent orgasm for her.

The type of stimulation you get, depends on the type of string you choose and how you use it.

Single pearl string

Single pearl string

Stimulation with a single pearl string, is achieved through the contact and friction of the pearls at the most sensitive parts of her body: clitoris, perineum, labia majora and labia minora.

The friction from the pleasurable touch of the pearls is achieved when she moves, or from the pressure of her thighs e.g. when she walks or sits with her legs crossed. It can also be achieved by him gently pressing the pearl string with his hand, against her clitoris.

Double pearl string

Double pearl string

In addition, to the above mentioned stimulations obtained from the single pearl string, the double pearl string offers further stimulation possibilities of the clitoris, with it’s small pearl ring that joins the two pearl strings together. The pearl ring can be adjusted so that it caresses exactly where the feeling is the most intense.

The double pearl string is also designed to give him pleasure during the act. This will happen as he slips through the pearl strings and penetrates her. Here he gets a gentle and unique stimulation from the pearls.

G-sport pearl string

G-spot pearl string

The G-spot pearl string will give you the stimulation of the single pearl string and at the same time offer you G-spot stimulation. The pearl string is untied from the satin ribbon and the end shaped like a small pearl ring is inserted inside her. You can increase the potential for further stimulation, by tying a small knot at the end. Once the pearl ring is inside her, the G-spot can then be stroked with your fingers, another suitable object or from him being inside her.

You will find the pearl string for G-spot stimulation on the Geneva collection.

Glove pearl string

Glove pearl string

The glove's pearl string is designed to create enjoyment and excitement. The pearl string is fastened on her finger, so that it looks like a delicate and discreet pearl finger ring on the front of her hand, whilst on the inside, it performs a gentle massage as the pearls slide up and down his most intimate places.