The 7 most popular Fetishes

The 7 most popular Fetishes

Do you dare to share your deepest and darkest sex fantasies with your partner? No matter how long you and your partner have been together, the idea of sharing and expressing fantasies, kinks and fetishes can be nerve racking and at the same time quite exciting for most of us, even a bit risky… right??

But if you are worried that you are into things that your partner will find a bit off - think again. What you're into, might be much more common than what you imagine.

And if you now sitting there thinking that you are not the type who has a fetish, then it is most likely because you have just not found you fetish yet (or allowed yourself to go down that route).

We have made a lot of research and found the 7 most popular and widespread fetishes - scroll down and see if you can recognize yourself or your partner in one -or several - of them.



We cannot begin this list without the no 1 most popular male fetish of them all – the foot fetish! Seriously, it is so popular that you either know someone who loves it or otherwise one of your girlfriends is currently dating a guy who is into foot fetish.

There are a lot of ways to enjoy foot fetish and this fetish has roots in both stockings and stilettos, but here we’ll stick to pure foot fetish. Typically, a person with foot fetish gets turned on by licking and sucking on the toes, but some also enjoy being touched by feet, in places which one would normally use the hands for touching. Others loves being stepped on – it can be on the back, the chest, even on the face or in more intimate places on the body.

Quite a bit of research has been conducted into the reason why somebody gets turned on by foot fetish. Sigmund Freud thought that it was because of the resemblance between a foot and a penis – that’s open for discussion as 97% of the people with foot fetish are men… Then we have the neuroscientist Ramachandran, who believes that foot fetish is due to the fact that our brain is divided into a center for each body part, and the center for our genitals and feet are right next to each other. If the two centers are not ‘isolated’ enough from each other, the brain mixes the two centers together and this can cause a foot fetish.

There are many different theories, but the end of the day, it’s here to stay and it’s the absolute most widespread fetish.

But please, do keep in mind that there’s a whole group of people out there, to whom, feet are the most unsexy part of the body. So, if you planning on throwing yourself into some sassy foot sex, then please do take a moment to discuss it with your partner – it would be a real shame to ruin that special moment by putting your feet in his/her face, just to learn that foot fetish is a total no go!



Voyeurism is when somebody gets turned on by looking at other people having sex. This fetish has many levels. The first level (vanilla) is when somebody gets aroused by seeing one’s partner (in agreement) touch her/himself or when one’s partner looks at you having an intimate solo moment. It can be both a fun and sexy way to spice things up in the bedroom.

The more ’brave’ voyeurism level is all about watching other people having sex, getting undressed. In many ways it’s a bit like spying on other people. Here we’d rather not come up with any ideas on how this can be arranged, as it touches on the border of privacy breaches.

But instead of getting into something out of your depth and to avoid putting others in an uncomfortable situation, you can use roleplay. In roleplay the only limit is your imagination. It could be that one of you are ’home alone’, taking a long shower or standing in front of the mirror, trying out the latest lingerie purchase… Just go for it and see what works. In the home there are no rules!

No matter which level of voyeurism suits you, move forward slowly and find your own limits. And please, do not break any rules, laws or cross other peoples’ limits.



The PVC & leather fetish is what many people associate with the word ’fetish’ – so it’s quite popular!

Fetish for materials is incredibly popular. The most common materials are latex, leather and rubber. For sure some BDSM (BDSM fetish is further down in the blog), is linked to this type of fetish, but for now it’s mostly the attraction to the material itself that we’ll look at. Some gets turned on by the hard dominant look that comes with these materials, where others enjoy the sensation of the materials and finally for the rest it’s the scent of the materials that triggers their fetish.

Most of these outfits are actually not made from PVC or leather – it’s just a term used to describe the materials. As many people are allergic to latex, it’s often replaced by the material PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or wet look (PU - polyurethane). These materials resemblance PVC and leather, but (luckily) they’re so much more comfortable to wear and the materials are extremely stretchable ensuring a snug tight body fit. We all know it from leather pants, that unfortunately are stretched after a few wears, and then that party is over, because leather never pulls back in the same way again as f.ex. a pair of jeans. That’s not the case when it comes to PVC and wet look.

So, if you’re looking for a dress or a catsuit then it’s PVC or wet look that you want. PVC has a shiny surface, also known as vinyl, while wet look has a more mat surface and resembles leather.

Latex is actually not even allowed in many sex- and swinger clubs – as it’s often the cause of allergic reactions. So watch out for what you wear.

If you’re into this fetish, you can, without any fear of an allergic reaction and/or rash, pass by our collection The COAX fetish, which is 100% allowed in the clubs ;-)



If you know COAX Copenhagen, then you also know that we are totally crazy about costumes and roleplay. Roleplay is a game where you can be whoever you feel like, and do whatever you want and play with whoever you like (that is, if your partner is OK with their role in the game). And … we obviously have all the costumes and looks you need to live out your special fantasy.

Roleplay is a really fun way to try out your hottest fantasies; because in reality we probably wouldn’t want to have wild sexy with our guidance counselor, doctor or the police officer who stopped us for speeding (at least not while they are on duty), but the fantasy can be incredibly sexy together with your partner.

You can find inspiration here for your sexy roleplay at home in our RolePlay costume collection HERE!



Piercing fetish was completely new to us – but then again, we don’t have any piercings either (after reading this … maybe one ought to get one!?!). So, if you have a piercing, besides your ears, …well… hello sexy! You’ve then ended up totally inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) in an incredibly popular fetish.

Piercing fetish speaks for itself – here people get turned on by piercings. Typical places for this type of piercing would be the tongue, face, navel and in the more intimate parts of the body (ouch!). For some it’s the feeling of the hard and cold metal against the soft and warm skin that turns them on. While others enjoy the visual look of the piercings.

Respect…to all the brave women and men that have gone all in with their piercings and committed 100% to their fetish!


Bondage. Discipline. Sadism. Masochism.



Under the BDSM umbrella there are several different lusts and games. BDSM has been widespread for many years but it was when the popular ‘50 Shades of Grey’ books and films came out that people really opened their eyes and minds to BDSM and the whole genre was hyped in every possible thinkable way.

Most things that are practiced in the BDSM world, will to an outsider, seem vicious, unpleasant and violent, as they can both offer pain, humiliation, confinement and coercion.

Normally, in a BDSM relationship there is a prior agreement between two (or more) parties and the relationship typically originates from one of these three branches:


(Fixation and Discipline)

Here it’s all about the pleasure of being tied/fixated – this can be done on several levels and with different objects such as rope, handcuffs etc.


(Dominance and Submission)

Here we find the Master-Mistress, Ruler-Slave, Master-Submissive or M/S-relationship – a dear child has many names. It’s a relationship that originates from a mental role play – often about hierarchy or social status – where one party dominates and rules over the other.


(Sadism og Masochism)

Here it requires that one person gets turned on by inflicting pain on his/her partner and that the receiving person enjoys having pain inflicted on them. S/M takes D/S to another level and it’s not just about the role play between Master and Mistress, but also about the physical pain.

Make sure you only live out these kinky fantasies with someone that you trust 110%, and that you have expressed your boundaries before you start and finally it’s an absolute MUST that you have a safe-word.



Now this we understand - lingerie! You may not think of yourself as kinky and you may not think that you have a fetish, but lingerie is here to stay and we’ve never met a man who didn’t get turned on when seeing his woman in black lace lingerie with stay-up stockings.

Lingerie is so much more than an elegant set of underwear i.e. (matching) bra and knickers, it is also all the accessories, such as the garter belt, the stay-up stockings (which also often play a part in foot fetish) and the sexy transparent cover-up’s such as kimonos and negligees.

However, lingerie only becomes fetish, when in the bedroom, it’s a MUST to get turned-on, as well as a key player for the sexual act itself. It can be the feeling of the soft smooth stockings, the sensation of a delicate lace against the skin, the straps from the suspenders - that allow him to ‘unwrap his woman’. Most men love it when their woman make an effort, wearing something sassy, to seduce - only him!

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