LONDON | Stimulating double pearl string


What makes the exclusive Bracli LONDON lingerie collection so unique, is that all the pearl string styles, come as a double-pearl string - this means double up on effect and last, but not least, double up on the enjoyment.

The Manacor pearls from Mallorca are made in the traditional method and are famous, all over the world, as the best handmade pearls. And it is all too clear why, once you hold a Bracli pearl style in your hand, they are absolutely stunningly beautiful!

In addition to the beautiful Manacor pearls, this collection is designed in the most inviting, soft and delicate materials. The lace is made in a beautiful leave pattern, nylon and satin. The combination of this extremely feminine lace and the slightly more raw looking net, gives it, an incredibly special feeling of exclusivity and eroticism.


London Body - Bodysuit with pearl string

Bodysuit with pearl string - London Body

London G-String - G-string with pearl string

G-string with pearl string - London G-String

London Bra - Black bra with cage-straps

Black bra with cage-straps - London Bra

London Panty - Panty with pearl string

Panty with pearl string - London Panty

London Brief - Knickers with pearl string

Knickers with pearl string - London Brief

London High Waist Brief - High waist knickers with double pearl string

High waist knickers with double pearl string - London High Waist Brief

London Top - Halter neck bra top

Halter neck bra top - London Top

London Playsuit - Bodysuit with double pearl string

Bodysuit with double pearl string - London Playsuit